1. Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting our website.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions stated in this document because with each usage of this website you agree and accept the terms and usage regulations stated in the document.

By approaching to this website you support the terms for its using, all applicable laws and regulations and you agree to bear responsibility for adjusting it to all forceful local laws. If you do not agree with these terms you are not allowed to use this website. The materials presented in this website are protected with the Law on Copyright and Trademark.

2. Ownership

This website is in ownership of Inside Kafe DOOEL Ohrid. All rights regarding this website belong to Inside Kafe DOOEL Ohrid.

3. Protection of personal data

By registering to our website you declare that you are familiar with Inside Kafe DOOEL Ohrid.

This Policy is applicable only for the website www.e-butik.mk. Inside Kafe DOOEL shall not bear responsibility for infringement of the regulations of protection of personal data that will appear due to website usage, whose link is published on our website.

Personal data that you will provide by registering on our website will be used only for the purpose for which they are intended to (for example, for payment, delivery, complaints etc.).

Financial data shall not be stored. The other data that the user inputs on the website are strictly for internal usage (coordination during the production of the goods, customer care and etc.) and shall not be shown to third parties on any grounds.

Inside Kafe DOOEL shall not have access to the financial data in relation to the transactions (bank account number, credit card etc.). The financial data shall be processed by the authorized bank for purchase payment. The authorised bank has implemented safe system for online payment for protection of personal data. Inside Kafe receives only information for successfully made payment.

4. Online sales regulations

Information provided on the website, including prices, specifications, products availability аre only informative. Despite the constant efforts of the website’ editors for greater accuracy and diligence of the provided information, mistakes may happen. Therefore, we do not guarantee for the wholeness, accuracy and accessibility of the products and/or services proposed on the website. Every support on the presented information is on your responsibility.

Inside Kafe DOOEL does not bear responsibility for any damage originating from the information declared on the website. This website and the software which is used are available to the users „as they are“ with no warranty of any kind.

Inside Kafe DOOEL shall not bear responsibility for any damage arousing form a website visitor or as a result of such visit.

Product information or other information declared on the website is given on the basis of the obtainable information of the company Inside Kafe DOOEL. At the same time, such information cannot be regarded as warranties or obligations by Inside Kafe DOOEL.

Inside Kafe DOOEL is entitled to make changes in any segment of the website or to disrupt the functioning of certain parts of the website at any time, for its own reasons and without prior notice.

Inside Kafe DOOEL can change the terms and conditions for website usage at any time and without prior notice.

Change in prices shall not be made on already confirmed order. This also applies in cases of subsequent price increase as well as in cases of subsequent discount.

The buyer may cancel, complement or rectified its order at any time before making the payment.

Once the order is made, the buyer receives e-mail notification of the e-mail address designated by him.

The order is considered confirmed after the payment is made. The agreed deadline for the production /delivery shall be counted after the payment.

The buyer accepts that Inside Kafe is entitled to be late with the production/delivery of the products but not more than 2 (two) working days from the date of the Order confirmation.

If the deadline for production/delivery is on Sunday or Public holiday, the last day of the deadline will be the next working day.

The buyer is entitled to cancel order if Inside Kafe does not produce/ deliver the goods on time.

The buyer may pick up the goods from premises appointed by Inside Kafe

If the buyer chooses an additional service – a delivery – the goods shall be delivered to the address designated by the buyer.

The delivery of the goods is made on the territory all over the World. The delivery is collected in accordance to the prices given by Inside Kafe.

The buyer is obliged at receiving to inspect the goods and to make a complaint for eventual visible defects, quantity discrepancies etc.

Remarks (complaints) are recorded in the dispatch note.

Inside Kafe shall not take into consideration complaints for visible defects or quantity discrepancies made after reception by the buyer.

Differences in colors shall not be regarded as a product defect (Please read the chapter „Color adjustment“ ). Product inconvenience to its purpose shall not be regarded as product damage unless the buyer has informed Inside Kafe for the purpose of that product.

Inside Kafe shall accept duly reported and rudiment complaints by the buyer. In case of an accepted complaint Inside Kafe shall resolve the problem with the product in a deadline provided to the production and delivery of the goods.

5. Color adjustment

Colors of our products which you see on your monitor may differ from the natural color of the product. Even if your monitor is calibrated for specific color profile, there are different factors that affect the final semblance of colors in the printed products. Therefore, we cannot guarantee for the color accuracy.

6. Effective right

In case of a dispute regarding Inside Kafe DOOEL website, The Legislation of Republic of Macedonia shall apply.